Tuesday, January 27, 2015

omg, Marvel (and Disney/Star Wars). Get with the program.

Okay, so I'm not the only one who noticed that Marvel has a serious problem.  I guess... [insert something here about the decade in which the company was born?]  Maybe Marvel hasn't gotten with the times yet.  (By the way, it's 2015 now. Girls want superhero action figures/role models/etc. just as much as boys do.  Trust me, I'm a parent of young girls.  I've got my finger on the pulse of what makes 5 year old girls tick.)

Oh, you want more proof?  I'm not the only parent who thinks this way.  Here's a fantastic video. (God, if only I had editing skills.  I would love to have made something like this with my daughters.)

My comment on the i09 article is as follows:

My daughters are nearly 3 and nearly 6, and we LOVE watching Marvel films and reading Marvel comics together.  (Not to mention Star Wars, Lego, and tons of other fun/nerdy activities that /the man/ seems to think are only fit for boys.)

When are Marvel, DC, and Disney (STAR WARS) going to realize that girls like action heroes just as much as boys do?  When are they going to start selling us the t-shirts, toys and games that we want?

Speaking of Star Wars, I had to order our "May the 4th" t-shirts from HerUniverse.com (a fantastic site for women/girls, by the way) so we could go to the Disney Store and collect our keepsake pins.  (The Disney Store didn't have a single Star Wars t-shirt for girls or women.  I bet they still don't.)  The good news is I got some FANTASTIC shirts that the girls and I adore.  The bad news is... The Disney Store didn't/doesn't stock any Star Wars mechandise/t-shirts for women/girls.

(I'm going to take a quick moment to brag about how amazing my daughter Alice was on stage for Jedi Training Academy during our recent trip to Disneyland.  I have video proof.)

I suppose we're going to have to demand it.  In voices loud and clear.

-Missy Kirtley

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