Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NANOWRIMO 2014 Chapter List

PART ONE: The House
Chapter 1: The Wooden Gate
Chapter 2: The Green Door
Chapter 3: The Back Garden
Chapter 4: The Deep Well

PART TWO: The Woods
Chapter 5: The Wild Wood
Chapter 6: The Wolves
Chapter 7: The Old Woman

PART THREE: The Castle
Chapter 8: The Youngest Princess
Chapter 9: Steel, Silk, Surprise
Chapter 10: The Brilliant Escape

PART FOUR: The Clearing
Chapter 11: The Drinking Songs (Autumn)
Chapter 12: The Wisdom of Age (Winter)
Chapter 13: Strawberries in December’s Frost
Chapter 14: The Spring Awakening (Spring)
Chapter 15: The Harvest Preparations (Summer)

PART FIVE: The Trials
Chapter 16: The Wise Eagle
Chapter 17: The Three Trials
Chapter 18: The Sleeping Giants
Chapter 19: The Hungry Witches
Chapter 20: The Dragon’s Egg

PART SIX: The Dungeons
Chapter 21: The Heart’s Betrayal
Chapter 22: The Dungeon Maze
Chapter 23: The King’s Secret
Chapter 24: The Long Road Back
Chapter 25: Advice from an Eagle

Chapter 26: The Worm at the Heart of the Tower
Chapter 27: The Little House
Chapter 28: The Wooden Gate