Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Project: Sequel to NaNoWriMo Novel

I've opened a new NeoOffice document and will be starting on my next novel in this series. It's a little sad to be leaving my main character from the first book behind, but I feel that I've created enough new and interesting characters that the feel may shift, but the readers will still be interested and engaged.

I'm aiming for 60,000 words this time, and I imagine that I will surpass that goal, simply because my outline is much longer and more in depth than the last one was. I'm flying a little less blind this time around, and we'll see if that reflects in my "Draft Zero" for the next book.

Still waiting for my parents to finish Draft Zero of Book 1 so I can send it to my Alpha Readers. My father is taking his time with it! I'm not planning on re-reading it until at least after Christmas, giving some time to sit between the writing and initial editing.

Keep writing!